Less Pain & Anxiety With "Digital Nitrous"

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Patient Testimonials

Alayna Samsal

"In the past, going to the dentist has been something I put off and I typically avoid coming in regularly. It’s not that it hurts, thanks to getting numbed, but the sound of drilling and sight of tools going in and out of my mouth put me on edge. The more I think about it, the more I panic. This visit was my first time wearing the VR, and I loved it. I didn't have to see any tools or needles, and seeing and listening to the calming waterfalls made me forget where I was completely. I want to use this again!"

- Alayna Samsal

Eric Bujarski

"I hate the pain involved at the dentist. Then when they use novocaine, I hate seeing tools go in, and wondering what's happening because I cant feel it. Today, my hygiene person offered to send me to the beach instead of me paying attention to my visit. Within two minutes of putting the headset on, I totally lost track of where I was. When the girl tapped me and told me the visit was over, I didn't believe her, it had been over 40 minutes and it felt like I was relaxing on an evening on vacation."

- Eric Bujarski

Emma Whalen

"With other fillings, it's just boring. You are kinda freaking out because they're putting stuff in your mouth and it's all you can think about, but when I went in all I could focus on was sharks swimming over me or the ocean waves. I‘d use it again, I really would. It's a way to distract you and you can still talk to people if you want to have a conversation while they work."

- Emma Whalen

Practitioner Testimonials

Kayla Wistrom

"Distracting patients can be tough, and talking to them the entire appointment is hard because I don't get a lot of time to clean. With VR it distracts them and at the same time keeps them from talking too much. I love VR. Thank you."

- Kayla Wistrom, RDH

Bobbi Jo Poepping

"At first I was apprehensive to VR being “one more thing”, but after using it a few times I started recommending it because there is no recovery time. With N20 my biggest issue is running over on time. VR isn't just great for my patients, I love it as well."

- Bobbi Jo Poepping, RDH


"I can't believe I didn't think of this. My S/RP patients love sitting on a beach instead of staring at the ceiling. We have TV's, but now I get to tell people we have VR and it's like they WANT to come back. I've never seen this before. Thanks for making Dentistry fun again."

- Ashley, RDH