Dentist Tries OperaVR On 60 Of His Most Anxious Patients And This Happens...

Dentist Tries OperaVR On 60 Of His Most Anxious Patients And This Happens...

Like most dental offices, you no doubt have your list of "high anxiety patients". The whole team knows when they arrive and while we do our best to make them comfortable and reassure them that everything will be okay... these appointments aren't the highlight of anyone's day!

But what if you could do something to help them?

After learning about OperaVR, Dr. Whitlock in Cordova, TN decided to take action. We thought his idea was so great, we've called it "The 60 Patient VR Challenge!" 

The 60 Patient VR Challenge...

Upon receiving his OperaVR headset and trying it out with the team, Dr. Whitlock got 60 of his high anxiety patients to come in for a complimentary cleaning using OperaVR, and the results were beyond what he ever expected!

Listen To Dr. Whitlock's Results On The Operatory Podcast Below

(Fast forward to 2:43 in if you'd like to skip ahead to the "60 Anxious Patient Challenge")

From this trial Dr. Whitlock reported that OperaVR was a game changer for driving: 

  • Faster, easier appointments
  • Massive word of mouth referrals
  • Much greater patient retention

In fact, the word of mouth impact even brought in a local news anchor who documented her entire VR experience and it was turned into a story and aired on the local news!

Watch the news story below.

Are you interested in offering OperaVR to your patients and driving referrals, repeat business, and possibly even some free marketing attention? If so, simply schedule a demo to learn more about OperaVR here. Or you can purchase a headset by visiting the product page here.

If you're a patient that would like to try OperaVR at your next appointment and live near Memphis, TN check out Arlington Smiles!

Thanks for the great interview Dr. Whitlock!