Introducing OperaVR Facts - An Easy Way To Boost Case Acceptance

Introducing OperaVR Facts - An Easy Way To Boost Case Acceptance
Want an easy way to boost case acceptance in your practice?

Well, here it is...

The secret to boosting case acceptance in your practice is to boost patient confidence in your team.

And to help you do this, OperaVR has just rolled out an all new "Facts" feature that allows you to insert fun and interesting facts about your office, the Dr.(s), your team, and your community. 

We all know Dr. Johnson is great... But did you know he has completed 5,623 crowns as of July 2018 and spends two weeks per year volunteering his time to bring brighter smiles to children in 3rd world countries?

WOW, what a guy!

OperaVR Facts is the perfect way to elevate your patients trust in your team while educating and entertaining them during their VR experience.
OperaVR Facts Display During The Patients Appointment To Boost Case Acceptance
(Facts display during the OperaVR experience to boost confidence in your team and educate your patients)

Start Using OperaVR Facts And Boost Confidence In Your Team Today!

OperaVR comes preloaded with over 50 facts you can add to your device, simply email customer support at to have these added to your device.
We encourage you to add your own Facts as well. Please follow the video below to update your OperaVR headset if you are a customer before 6/11/2019. (Devices purchased after this date will include Facts). 

Not a customer? Click here to get a demo of OperaVR and learn how it can fit in your practice today!