About OperaVR Digital Nitrous

"The Digital Nitrous". Virtually Reduce Pain And Anxiety.

OperaVR was created by a dentist after reading the volumes of scientific studies that have shown Virtual Reality can effectively reduce pain and anxiety. We have known for years that television can act as a distraction for patients. VR takes this to another dimension, literally. Don't just treat your patients. Treat them to an enhanced experience.

Years of clinical studies have illustrated that using the immersive qualities of VR can significantly reduce pain and anxiety associated with healthcare. Check out some of the research here.

Healthcare offices may provide a great experience in their offices, but with OperaVR you can affordably send the patient home with access to your own VR application access with affordable headsets emblazoned with your logo and contact info.  

We can provide you with a complete solution to quickly get going. Select any part of the application, the headsets and /or the devices to run OperaVR and start having less stressful procedures here.