COVID-19 Dental Pre-Screening + Teledentistry Kit (Includes 2 Months)
COVID-19 Dental Pre-Screening + Teledentistry Kit (Includes 2 Months)
COVID-19 Dental Pre-Screening + Teledentistry Kit (Includes 2 Months)
COVID-19 Dental Pre-Screening + Teledentistry Kit (Includes 2 Months)

COVID-19 Dental Pre-Screening + Teledentistry Kit (Includes 2 Months)

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, dental teams have been put in a tough spot. Our teams are stressed, our job is risky, and our patients still need care. In an effort to help offices through the current situation and the long months ahead OperaDDS has created a COVID-19 Dental Pre-Screening Kit.

This kit allows dental offices to do two things critical to our current situation:

  1. Safely pre-screen patients for COVID-19 before they get to the office.

  2. Electronically triage emergency cases via an Emergency Triage Form that allows patients to securely submit images and videos. 

Reassure Your Team In A Time Of Crisis

Easily email and / or text your COVID-19 screening form to patients and review responses BEFORE their appointment. The form is sent instantly and can be completed on any device from any location.

Reduce The Need For Emergency Appointments

Your patients and team will love the ability to remotely triage emergency cases. Based on user feedback as many as 80% of "dental emergencies" are able to wait until the office is open again, greatly reducing the need for costly impromptu appointments. 

You can review images and videos securely sent from patients in your OperaDDS online portal from any device in any location!

A Special Offer

By signing up today we will get your office set up in 24-48 hours to be able to:

  • Send and receive your COVID-19 Screening Form
  • Offer your Patient Intake Packet online (send via text, email, or on your website)
  • Accept Teledentistry Emergency Triage Forms from patients

Plus we will waive our $199 setup fee and give you an additional month for free. (A $288 total value). 

Next Steps To Sign Up

To get started, simply sign up on this page. After purchasing our team will set up your account and email you instructions to start using your new screening form and Teledentistry Emergency Triage Form within 24-48 hours of purchase.

We will then schedule a full installation date with Patterson Dental to integrate your new paperless intake forms with your Practice Management System. (This will allow your patient intake forms to update your practice management system). 

Full installations are scheduled out a week or two, but due to the nature of the current pandemic we have a team available to set up your COVID-19 screening form and emergency triage form. 

Get A Live Demo Before Purchasing

Do you have questions, or would like like a demo prior to purchasing? No problem! Simply click the link here to schedule a demo, or give us a call at: 651-350-1698

At Time Of Install You Will Also Receive: 

  • OperaDDS Paperless Forms
  • Easy Forms Builder
  • Secure Email
  • File Storage
  • Cases
  • Teledentistry Triage

After two months you will receive a monthly invoice for our "security plan" for $89. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.