10 Operatory Bundle
10 Operatory Bundle
10 Operatory Bundle
10 Operatory Bundle
10 Operatory Bundle
10 Operatory Bundle

10 Operatory Bundle

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What's Included

+ 10 OperaVR Units
+ 1 Year Warranty
+ Web Control Module
+ Over 60 VR Patient "Experiences"
+ 30 Day Automated Marketing Campaign
+ Postcard Design File
+ In Office Advertisement

OperaVR "Digital Nitrous" Overview Video

"In Over 23 Years As A Dentist I've Never Been As Excited About A Product As I Am About OperaVR..."

When it comes to the patient experience, not much has changed... Until now. OperaVR is a dental hardware solution that completely changes the game and gives both dentists and patients something to talk about... Other than how they "Hate" going to the dentist.  

Created By Dentists, For Use In A Dental Office

OperaVR was developed by a dentist in a thriving dental practice. Understanding it had to be both EASY to operate, and FAST to start we developed an easy 30 second setup. 

Simply hand the unit to the patient, select and experience from your workstation, and get to work.

A Resounding Win For Teams And Patients Alike!

 RDH Ashley - VR Testimonial

"My S/RP patients love sitting on a beach instead of staring at the ceiling. We have TV's, but now I get to tell people we have VR and it's like they WANT to come back.

Thanks for making Dentistry fun again."

- Ashley, RDH

 Bobbie Joe RDH

"After using it a few times I started recommending it because there is no recovery time. With N20 my biggest issue is running over on time.

VR isn't just great for my patients, I love it as well."

- Bobbi Jo Poepping, RDH

 Kayla RDH

"Distracting patients can be tough. With VR it distracts them and at the same time gives me time to focus on cleaning.

I love VR. Thank you."

- Kayla Wistrom, RDH

Proven Effective At Anxiety And Pain Reduction

Not only do dental teams love OperaVR, but it is also backed by over a decade of scientific research proving the efficacy of VR in the reduction of anxiety and pain. View the research here.


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